Great American Acceptance Company

Floorplan Xpress's history dates back to 1974 when Great American Acceptance Company was founded in Kansas City, Missouri by John and Lana Elbrecht. Great American grew with its clients, offering an independent way for Auto Dealers to floor plan their cars.

National Bank of Kansas

In 2004 the National Bank of Kansas City purchased Great American Acceptance Company. The bank wanted to expand in to new territories, and began with opening an office in Springfield, Missouri. Shortly thereafter Great American set their sights on Omaha, Nebraska, and quickly opened an office expanding their footprint.

Floorplan Xpress

After John and Lana sold Great American, they moved to Oklahoma City and started Floorplan Xpress in 2004. Floorplan Xpress worked hard to grow throughout Oklahoma.

The Start of a New Floorplan Xpress

In 2006 the owners negotiated the purchase of Floorplan Xpress from John and Lana and began a new era for the company. In 2008, under the new leadership, Floorplan Xpress opened an office in Denver, Colorado.

Combining the Companies

In 2009 Floorplan Xpress purchased Great American from the National Bank of Kansas City. When the purchase was complete, the two companies that John and Lana started were finally one family.

Nationwide Expansion Begins

With a strong company history, Floorplan Xpress saw the opportunity to expand once again. Three new branches were opened in 2011, Des Moines, IA; San Antonio, TX; and Austin, TX.  The expansion in 2012 paved the way for 2013, which brought eleven new branches. With 2014 underway, we have added 7 new branches which makes a total of 27 branches to serve you!

The future is bright for Floorplan Xpress, and its customers.

We offer the best service of any floorplan company. We see our customers as a business partners and work hard to help them succeed. We can move quickly to assist you with your inventory finance needs. Most importantly, we are still independent, giving us the ability to keep your best interests in mind!

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